Packaging Policy

We use recyclable packaging, which can have lives beyond their first use. Taking good care of yourself truly goes hand in hand with taking care of the planet.


We only use pure coloured glass for our dropper bottles; the bottles have never been sprayed with contaminates. Thus ensuring that the glass containers are stable for our products and better for the environment.


We use traditional apothecary style glass jars that are suitable for use in aromatherapy, skincare, and a variety of other cosmetic and medical industries.

When emptied, the glass jars also work wonderfully as candle holders or many other uses in your household, alternatively place them in appropriate recycle dispensers.


Our exclusive high-quality dropper bottles are suitable for use in aromatherapy, cosmetics, skincare products, etc.


We only use PET plastic for its high quality, glass-like look, which enhances the look of your product. Unlike PVC, PET is 100% recyclable, and unlike other plastics does not leach into the ground if placed in landfill and will therefore not cause land contamination.

The lightweight nature of PET means there are low environmental transportation costs, and the durability of the bottle lends itself to many types of uses. The energy used in recycling a PET plastic jar is about 1/10 of the energy used in recycling a glass jar.


The aluminum is EPA lined and, therefore, will not come into contact with your products, ensuring no reaction takes place. Aluminum offers excellent recyclability, being an endless resource to recycle.

Used lids should be taken to an approved waste-handling site for recycling or disposal.


All our boxes are FSC certified.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper.

In an FSC forest, no more wood is cut than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, FSC is a guarantee that animals and plant life are protected and that the people who work in the forest are educated and receive proper training, correct safety equipment and paid sustainable salaries.