Bug Off Mosquito

Bug Off Mosquito


3.3 oz. / 100 mL

natural caring repellent

A nourishing and organic blend of coconut, neem, peach kernel and potent essential oils that’ll keep you calm and the mosquitos away.

Ritual: At mosquito time – typically from dusk till dawn - apply some oil around the neck and to other areas of the body not covered by clothes. 

Essential oils: Palmarosa, geranium, cinnamon bark, citronella and basil.
Note that some of the essential oils in this blend are not suitable for sensitive skin.

key ingredients:


Peach kernel oil: anti-age, moisturizes, heals, easily penetrates the skin.

Coconut oil *: moisturizes, hydrates, easily penetrate the skin and has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties

Neem oil*: This Ayurvedic multitasking oil capability keeps insects and bacteria away while being packed with omega-omega fatty acids and antioxidants that help keep skin healthy and young. Neem aids in making your skin look more even. Anti-inflammatory.

Palmarosa*. Not just an insect repellent, but also has de-stressing abilities, calming for your mind.

Citronella oil*. Genetically close to palmarosa and has the same properties.

Geranium*: anti-inflammatory, insect repellent, anti-aging properties.

Basil oil*: insect repellent that lasts a little longer, healing and soothing abilities.

Cinnamon oil: insect repellent, anti-inflammatory, and aphrodisiac.


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