Sun Shield Oil

Sun Shield Oil


3.3 oz. / 100 mL

Natural caring sun shield

This pure natural oil blend of olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter mixed with zinc oxide will shield and nourish your skin, and keep it moist and soothed while you’re out playing in the sun.

Feel: Delicious and smooth

Scent: Healing and stimulating blend of helichrysum and ylang ylang

Important: Shake the bottle before each use and apply the oil on all areas not covered by clothes. Repeat after bathing or swimming.

Essential oils: Palmarosa, geranium, cinnamon bark, citronella and basil.
Note that some of the essential oils in this blend are not suitable for sensitive skin.

key ingredients:


Formula: The mix of selected organic plant oils, essential oils and zinc oxide protects, soothes and nourishes the skin when you’re both outside and inside

Key ingredients *=Organic

  • Extra virgin olive oil (naturally SPF 4, regenerating and moisturising)

  • Coconut oil (naturally SPF 4, nourishing and moisturising)

  • Shea butter (naturally SPF 4, nourishing and moisturising)

  • Zinc oxide (The main sun protecting ingredient. This non-nano that can’t penetrate the skin)

  • E-vitamin (regenerating)

  • Helichrysum (UV-blocking, soothing and antioxidant)

  • Ylang ylang (mood enhancing, regenerating)


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