Tantalizing Mist

Tantalizing Mist


1.6 oz. / 50 mL

instantly refresh and protect

A witch hazel mist infused with the seductive notes of jasmine, rose otto, vanilla, cocoa, and ylang-ylang delicately shower your skin with anti-oxidant protection, stimulates microcirculation and aid in reducing redness and inflammation. Hydrates, protects and energizes your skin.

Ritual: Mist generously over freshly cleansed skin, before and after face oil or cream, to seal in hydration and enhance nutrient absorption. Repeat again after makeup to set and impart a gorgeous glow.

key ingredients:


  • Witch hazel*: A potent astringent, lock moisture into skin, tightening agent.

  • Jasmine: toning dry, greasy and sensitive skin, aids elasticity. Provides a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria and revitalises the soul, restoring energy and calming nerves.

  • Rose Otto: Revitalizes dry, mature and irritated Skin. Reduces redness and broken capillaries. Lift the spirit and soothes the mind.


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