This was the most important starting point for me when skincare became an interest of reality

I rapidly learned that effective anti-aging is all about using the right mix of nutrients and ingredients that have a proven effect and that the best ingredients come from non-toxic products, organically produced such as beneficial oils, etc. Continually using cheap fillers that neither helped my skin nor my body had to stop.

2006 was a turning point in my life; two very important events took place. Many years of continues sunbathing and the heavy use of the solarium had severely damaged my skin, which ultimately resulted in leathery skin texture, and a visit to my doctor, at 43 years old, I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. The diagnosis totally rocked my world. If I could get through this I’d have to follow up with a serious lifestyle change and a completely new outlook on life.

Firstly, I had to learn that not being tanned all months of the year wasn’t the end of the world and that there were healthier ways of getting a bronze complexion, however, the most important decision I made was, that I would be more loving towards myself and take better care of my body and my wellbeing. I’d always been fairly healthy and had good knowledge about diet, skincare and training, but if honest, chose to ignore them most of the time. But I now became a bit obsessed and started to scrutinize and research everything that I had poisoned my body, mind, and skin with for years like hormone-filled creams, damaging perfumes, stress, additives, toxic relationships, too much partying and low self-esteem.

Secondly, (the best keep secrets are the ones you keep to yourself) it wasn’t long before I met a skin therapist who was at the same age as myself, but he had an impressive complexion. He claimed that I could obtain the same if I followed his advice and guidance. That led to many meetings wearing facemasks and several years of exchange of knowledge and ideas between us both. He taught me about good peels and about the crucial ingredients that a cream must have "to really kick-ass". He taught me about oils with high nutrition and low molecular structure and about vitamins, plant extracts, copper peptides and so much more. This exchange of knowledge and our mutual deep interest went on for many years and still continues today.

Without giving the thought for others until one night by coincidence I participated in one of Urtegaardens* cream courses and learned that it is possible to make and more importantly control exactly what’s in a cream plus with an abundance of all the right ingredients. Since then I’ve produced creams for friends, family and many others by recommendations. I've been engrossed in creating new recipes, and carried out serious research on everything that has to do with nutritious and nourishing ingredients eliminating the poison and endocrine disrupters – and also which diets and lifestyles that can help the skin to look healthier and younger. And today my skin is significantly healthier than eight years ago.

Healing of the skin is holistic. Creams cannot do it alone. The mind and body both internally and externally all contribute as a whole. I’ve taken the time and gained a wealth of the knowledge that lies in Mother Nature's healing pantry. My interest in oils, plant- and herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and proteins have become my passion and has grown to include diet, mind care and physical training.

The creams I produce and sell are all made by myself. Everything is homemade and the ingredients come from the very best organic oils produced under sustainable conditions. Vitamins, aloe vera juice, herbal extracts, and copper peptides all purchased from credible companies with a high emphasis on their expertise and transparency in regards to their manufacturing processes and their organic values, the same can be said for their packaging too.

My intention and purpose with HAROCARE and with the composition of these precious nutrients and products are to give you radiant beauty along with a profound feeling of well-being.

*) Urtegaarden is a leading Danish company that conducts specialized courses and purest ingredients for skincare products.